Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lemon Drops Part II

This post is mostly photos of frosted cookies. No complaints.

Getting ready - lots of confectioners sugar.

Close up

Lots of cookies!!!

These came to work on Thursday for our White Elephant - I almost had an amazing present and it got stolen twice.... SIGH.

Saving lemon rinds in the freezer for future zesting.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Italian Lemon Drop Cookies Part I

Well thanks to those handy tags at the bottom of this post, I discovered that the last time I made these was about two years ago - right after I had a steroid injection in my wrist - and took the GRE (ohmygod, life pre GPPI!). Anyway, two years later the fat has finally returned to my wrist - apparently one of the side effects of the steroid injection is that it destroys all the fat where it got injected - it was like there was a hole in my wrist.


Tonight after I finished a bunch of work that was due, went for a run, hit up 2 different grocery stores (and ran into a former co-worker at one), and cooked & ate my dinner, I decided I needed to bake these. We have an epic White Elephant/Potluck at work on Thursday (someone's going home with Made of Honor - heehee) and clearly I was going to bake something. Plus I'm having some girls over to decorate cookies on Sunday, so I need to get familiar with my KitchenAid again.... Oh, and first I cleaned the kitchen a little too.

Here's Brad Pitt trying to study for Econometrics:

Mom's recipe is a little hard to follow, so I'm just going to link you over here to RecipeZaar for a similar recipe.

A grated the rind of two lemons in with the shortening & sugar:

After combining all the ingredients it came together quite nicely. God I love this KitchenAid!!!

Oh yeah, had a Brooklyn Winter Ale while I baked:

Their Penant Ale and the Post Road Pumpkin are also great. Maybe I'll go visit this brewery when we're in NYC over break.

What comes next? Using my cookie scoop to make cookies:

And then bake them:

Some came out better than others:

Those are the eaters though. Why did this happen? These cookies were from the bottom and had a litle extra shortening in there.

When baked properly, the bottom should look like this:

These are nice light lemony cookies. Tomorrow night (when I get home sometime after 9pm....) they will be glazed with a lemon juice/powdered sugar concoction and decorated with multi colored nonpareil sprinkles....