Monday, February 13, 2012

Right now you're may be asking yourself, "How did I get here? This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful wife. These are not my beautiful brownies."

But they can be! These babies are EASY. SB went to bowling with his friends and I had been at a happy hour and didn't feel much like cooking. But I ate dinner and decided I needed to bake. So I made a half batch of the King Arthur Flour fudgy brownies*, augmented with espresso powder. (Ladies, gents, always espresso powder in the brownies, always.) And a few minutes before these were done cooking, threw chopped toasted coconut marshmallows on them.

Yes, toasted coconut marshmallows.

I am lucky enough to know a roller derby power couple in DC. Obitchuary and I used to row together, and her husband is amazing in the kitchen. (I still remember the rosemary shortbread cookies filled with caramel he made for a holiday party several years ago.) What I'm trying to say is, Karen Mary Co. makes a kickass marshmallow. If you can get your hands on the caramel, chocolate, sea salt ones you will be in heaven. If heaven is a pillowy soft marshmallow cloud.

Anyway, this recipe is like those Hostess snowballs, though sadly, without the cream filling.

*I started typing this on my droid. Autocorrect chose fishy instead of fudgy. Lucky I caught that one.