Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm back, birches!

Uhm, so you may not have noticed my extended holiday from blogging. Now that I'm back, I intend to mix the cooking with complaining about wedding planning. First up - things I don't have pictures of!!

(1) I've actually been doing more cooking these days. I found a solid recipe for roasted vegetables from my mom's cousin's cookbook. This made an appearance again for Thanksgiving (round two). I also made some recipes that involve lentils and I'm working around to making soup.
(2) We joined a CSA! CSA pick up starts this Wednesday! Hopefully some of the random root vegetables we get will become soup. Yes, there will be a food processor on the wedding registry.
(3) I made a yummy applesauce cake courtesy of Smitten Kitchen ( I highly recommend giving it a shot. I made some minor modifications - adding cardamom and using vanilla syrup intended for coffee instead of vanilla extract. Oops, just didn't have any on hand!
(4) Chocolate chip cookies, courtesy King Arthur Flour Cookbook. The best part about these? I planned ahead and stuck some pre-formed cookies in the freezer. Hot fresh homemade cookies in minutes? I love it!

I have pictures of Thanksgiving baking for you, and I plan on experimenting with some yeast breads (and bagels) this week!

*Birches? Yes, that's an android auto-correct, and we're embracing it.