Sunday, February 22, 2009

If I said something about yeast it would probably just be gross...

I baked bread last night. I'm not sure what the motivation was but at some point when I got home from the basketball game and while I was trying to make up for not eating lunch so I could go for a run I decided I needed to bake bread. (Ahhh, so while I was making up for not eating lunch clearly it was an I wish I had some good bread and butter to eat pre-run because that will not make me feel ill.)

So I had to go to Safeway and buy flour and yeast and pulled my old trick of picking the wrong line. I need to not do that. The one time I told the cashier that I always pick the wrong line he was totally insulted. I don't do that anymore.

Anyway, flour & yeast secured, I managed to not kill the yeast by using too much hot water. The dough actually rose fantastically. Somehow I'd also discovered a no-knead recipe which was nice because I don't have the right kind of board to knead bread on.

Here are before:

And after photos:

Anyway, then I shaped the dough into loaves (and I have a good amount saved in the fridge for next weekend), let it rest for a while to rise some more and baked it in the oven with a semi-steam bath. Let's say that could have been more successful had I had a broiler pan maybe.

But the breads came out nice. They sort of expanded out instead of up but they are delicious. So I will be eating that all week, along with my banana bread which I have promised to bring to work tomorrow.

I am so crafty, though easily impressed too. Katie made homemade oreos.

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