Saturday, May 2, 2009

Apple Pie

To the best of my efforts, I didn't type "applie" but I'll be spell checking for it again later...

Two weeks ago I went to the Dupont Farmer's market on Sunday since I had missed the Saturday Courthouse market when I was hanging out at P.R. Harris, getting ready to put other people's Hands on DC. The rhubarb is still not in season, in fact, there really isn't any fruit in season yet, but there are apples. And since I'd been wishing and hoping for rhubarb to make a pie I decided I should make an apple pie instead. So I bought a lot of apples - granny smith and a few other varieties.
And then I waited... And waited... HODC came and went and my two presentations came and went, and Wednesday night when I got home early (ok, like 6:30) I promptly made the pie crust.
Two sticks of butter makes it better.
Then I went for a run (because if there are two sticks of butter in that crust, I need a run before I eat any) and when I got home, sliced apples. I used my so sharp it'll cut you knife (because it has) and made super thin slices of apple, then mixed it with a flour, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and lemon juice....
And rolled out the crust. Thoughts on this: when you refridgerate crust, cut it in half and mold it into discs not balls.
Filled the crust with apples and voila.....

Possibly my best apple pie ever:

Gooey and delicious, but not runny.

Bon Appetit!

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