Sunday, September 25, 2011

In the Sunday Night Kitchen

For the past many weeks I've been baking every Sunday night.
Things I've made recently:
  • Peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips
  • Chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Toffee chocolate chip cookies
I also made things that are not cookies:
  • Blueberry muffins
  • Lemon blueberry bread (with a lemon/powdered sugar glaze ftw)
  • Mark Bittman's beer bread
  • Mark Bittman's beer bread with cheese
  • Plum cake cockaigne
And tonight...

Banana Bread from Joanne Chang's FLOUR Cookbook!

If you're reading this (is anyone?) and you're not in the Boston area, Flour is a phenomenal bakery located in Central Square, the South End, and Fort Point. The style of baked goodies is so in line with what I like to bake and I was super excited that my brother bought me the cookbook and had it signed as a Christmas present this year.

Back to the banana bread:
As recipes go, quickbreads are fairly easy - mix the wet, mix the dry, mix them together, and bake. This one is slightly more bowl intensive and actually requires the use of my baby (aka trusty kitchenaid!) to beat the sugar and eggs together for 5 mins.
(As an aside, our fridge runs cold up top, and my eggs keep freezing! I'm not sure how to remedy this - maybe remember to put the eggs not in their eggslot on the door?)
I attempt to pan-toast walnuts to throw into this bread, but instead I pan-burned them. I also had dinner in the oven, so maybe I was too distracted by the glorious smell of melting cheese to smell the nuts toasting. So I just used chocolate chips in stead, darn.

Anyway, I wont bore you, here are some photos:

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  1. Ahh I love flour! So jealous you have the cookbook. I am stalking her book signing calendar hoping to go to one soon haha.