Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Drinking a [beer], watching the game, true

If you got that reference, then I have this to say... Wazzaaaaaap.

You'll also notice that the beer pictured is most certainly not a bud. It's 'the case of the ipa' from Just Beer in Westport Ma. Just Beer used to be Buzzards Bay Brewing, and we have a few mini tasting glasses with the clever buzzard image on it. This is more bitter than some ipas (oh, is that why I like it?) and has the sort of cloudy taste of non-west coast-style beers. I'd definitely go for this of the other Just Beer offerings, but my favorite local IPA still comes from our super local neighborhood brewers.

If you do get down to Westport, go try some beers at Just Beer then head to Westport Winery for some super dry bubblies! We had Westport for our wedding toast and have friends who are thinking of having their dessert wine at their wedding.

(Also, I am watching the game right now. Big East tournament in full swing. Go Hoyas!)

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