Saturday, October 13, 2012


Well, it seems as if I went the whole summer without any blog posts. 

Here are five highlights:

1. There was a work trip to Hawaii. I learned to surf.

 2. Benson's ice cream. Post beer festival and trip to Ceia Newburyport. 

3. Trip to Montauk/reliving childhood beach days

 4. Famous kitteh is famous, #eastwooding. Followed by weekend in upstate New York.


5. Mass Brewers Fest

Also, my favorite birthday cake, and some words of wisdom.

Anyway, we've hit fall, and I Facebook recipe-stalked this awesome pumpkin beer bread. Many stars, rave reviews all around from the inlaws, and leftover beer to drink!


  1. "There was a work trip to Hawaii."

    Those have to be the most beautiful words ever spoken. Sigh.

  2. If someone countered with work trip to Paris, I might disagree, but yes, it was a nice break from the daily grind.