Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lemon Cookies

You're probably thinking "How is it possible that it's almost Christmas & I haven't written about cookies???" I am too, honestly. But I have an answer to that question.

Tomorrow night we're making a batch of lemon drop cookies. Someone (me) got a little excited on Sunday and bought lemons and sprinkles before waiting to hear the news from a certain hand surgeon.

I am currently out of cooking commission (out of any commission but holding a coffee cup sort of) due to a steroid injection in my wrist*, so tomorrow I'm bringing in reinforcements to help bake.

1) I'll survive, I've made it this far with the wrist problem, and maybe the steroids will make it go away
2) The image in your head should be me in the middle of the kitchen, surrounded by ingredients, and crying because I can't cook with them........

OK, too much typing for this little wristy. Photos of my cookies later. :)

*Not just any wrist, my right wrist! I've been driving lefty, drinking lefty, mousing lefty (NOT drinking & driving lefty obvs). It's hard!

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