Monday, April 28, 2008

Quick Bites

Yeah, so my hand is falling off (ouch) and I have not been in the kitchen as much as I'd like.
However, I took a great photo the other day when I was getting crafty over the stove
Mmm rice krispie treats. I've been convincing myself that these are moderately healthy, since it's mostly cereal. I wonder if they're gluten free for Laura.

But then, let's back up to April's trip to Boston:
Anna & I again had a business dinner (this one not so fancy) and again had a fun waiter - who was also really interested in my Josh Ritter t-shirt because (1) it's super cool and (2) apparently a lot of people come into the restaurant wearing it.

Anyway, here's the "you look like you're on vacation" photo:
And here's a photo of my dinner, since it's sort of obscured in the one above two points on this again (1) I saw someone else eating this and wanted it (2) the waiter recommended it:
(Yes, my tofu, in a pineapple!)

And the most important part of the trip came on the way home (before being stuck in the airport for hours, spilling a smoothie on the floor, and having the zipper pulls broken off of my suitcase) - yes, that's me with an enormous cup of dunkin's coffee... OK, it's not a real cup of coffee, but imagine if it was!!!! (Also, repping the Tribe pride here.)

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