Sunday, June 1, 2008

That's Not What I'd Call MY Store, But...

So Ben* in his round the world travels, sent me this photo, in an email titled "World Campaign":
It's not what I'd name my bakery, because who really wants pastry that's just decent? I much prefer sweet, flaky, gooey, etc to decent when I talk about pastry.

BUT. After reading this article from the Washington Post, I decided I needed to find a good word to become viral. And that word was DECENT.

Main Entry:
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle French or Latin; Middle French, from Latin decent-, decens, present participle of decēre to be fitting; akin to Latin decus honor, dignus worthy, Greek dokein to seem, seem good
Date: 1539
1. archaic a: appropriate b: well-formed : handsome
2 a
: conforming to standards of propriety, good taste, or morality "decent behavior" b: modestly clothed
: free from immodesty or obscenity "decent language"
: fairly good : adequate, satisfactory "decent wages"
: marked by moral integrity, kindness, and good will "
hard-working and decent folks" "it's very decent of them to help"
synonyms see chaste
de·cent·ly adverb

I'm going to say my use of decent would be definition 4 or 5, possibly with a little more emphasis on fairly good. When I say decent, I say it bolded and in italics, like this, "That was some pretty decent baseball we just watched, guys."

For the ladies, one #46, Jacoby Ellsbury, getting on base:

Anyway, apparently it is getting viral, because Decent Pastry is keeping it real in Bangladesh. The real question is, how were those pastries? Decent?

Update, in fact - Ben says:
we went in there, basically to steal AC
and it was, in fact, totally decent.
not outstanding. a little pricey. not too too much variety. all in all, decent.

*Ben's blog, for more on round the world travels, is here:

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