Friday, October 10, 2008

Trying to get money back from bills that don't exist in Comcast-land

Comcast-land is an imaginery strange and bizarre place where bills take two weeks to get from my kitchen to their computer. And phones don't connect to who they should, remember that.

So for some reason, I can give them the phone number for our old place, but they can't link it to the new place. And the phone number on the account is out of area code so it automatically brings us to the wrong people. But somehow, this number won't bring up the account. Hello, I'm confused. Anyway, today I didn't have the account number with me, so they had to look it up by address. And typed in the wrong address and said we had no additional charges. Have you seen the bill on my counter? No. We have $50+ dollars in installation. Then the girl isn't even looking at October. Hold on. Actually, she isn't even in the right address.

Deep breaths.

So we don't have any bills yet. I know, that blue slip of paper sitting on my kitchen counter? Imaginary! This means she can't see the installation charges and can't credit us any installation charges... There's about a 2 week lag in bills getting from the cable guy to the billing people (note: proves incompetence, for sure). I can call back when we get the bill with the installation charges that were for a useless installation of internet & cable. AWESOME.

Fun conversation:
ICE, "Where's your service?" (Note, I entered a 202 number, that's the service area about a mile away from us.)
Me, "Northern VA."
ICE, "Where?"
Me, internal dialogue: I entered 202, which is A MILE AWAY, and you don't understand "Northern Virginia?"
Me, external dialogue: "Arlington, VA"
ICE, "You need to call the Arlington number, 703 841 7700."
Me, "So should I just stop calling the 1-800 number?"
ICE, "Yes."

Calling the Arlington number to confirm that the 781 number is associated with the account, the girl (named Patience, funny enough) gives me a different phone number we should call 703 730 2225. Note that this is different from the number that shows up on the TV when the service goes out, which is 703 823 3000.


Please visit an excellent website to take your mind off of Comcast FAIL. And put it on other FAIL: KTHNXBAI

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  1. On behalf of Comcast, I would like to apologize for the experience.

    We would like to look into this so that we may address all the issues mentioned here in. If it is not so much of a trouble, will you please let me know the phone number on the account?

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.