Thursday, October 9, 2008

Two more parts of today's Comcast-drama

Our cable went out again tonight. Settop not authorized for use. AGAIN??? The TV was just working. Thank god I got to watch The Office. And somehow I got through fairly quickly. So this girl asks if the internet is working.
Nope. Nope nope nope.
I might have actually laughed, because we haven't found a single person who can solve internet.Then she says, oh there's a note that says they were having trouble getting into the boiler room. I'm trying to figure out if that was from Tuesday or from when I told them they needed to call the property management people for tomorrow. I'm thinking, oh no. If it's from Tuesday, we seriously have a problem.

Interlude: Comcast had been calling all day. I talked to them at one point, figure out that they were calling to sort out the appointment for tomorrow. Then they kept calling. And then they started PRANK CALLING. Because they would call, I would answer, and then no one would be there. Hello? Hello, Comcast? NOT OK. So I called back, thinking this could be on account of the people who have been scanning blogs. And I wait on hold a couple times with little patience for a person. Finally, a person! In Florida? She told me to call back using the same number and the same prompt I just pressed into the phone. Press 2 for Northern Virginia. Well geez, I thought that's where I was. Fine, I'll call back because she can't transfer me. OK. Take 2. Same number. Press 2 for Northern Virginia. Get a girl in Ohio. Uh, good place for the election, I say. She says, if it goes the way I want it to. I think the same thing. But I don't ask which way that is. (OBAMA-BIDEN 08!) Anyway, apparently they'd been prank calling me all day to re-confirm the appointment for tomorrow they confirmed this morning. Along with the phone lines being crossed at Comcast, maybe the brain lines are crossed as well, since no one seemed to remove the confirmation from their list.
Fine. Back to patiently waiting for tomorrow and missing work to get internet tomorrow night. Fine.

(Yeah, like a double episode of Dawson's Creek or something.)

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  1. oh man. DC. the entire hour spent on the phone and only talking during commercial breaks. sigh ... high school ...