Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bad Blogger, No Photos

Ahhh, so I have been a bad blogger lately and didn't take photos of the cool things I did. For instance, I made pizza dough from scratch, which is pretty much the easiest thing to do, ever. In fact, I made it again last night, and minus the fact that I no longer have a pizza stone, it turned out pretty good.

SB also had a birthday, which was a bit of a failure in celebrating, as there was a bachelor party the weekend before and a  half marathon the weekend after. (Note: are there any 10 milers in Boston?) 
I did make a fancy cake though - marble with mocha frosting. We ate maybe 3 slices, then it lived in the fridge for a few weeks, until I finally tossed it out and made another cake.

 I also made cupcakes. Why? Because one recipe only made one layer of cake, but two recipes made two layers and a dozen cupcakes.

What? Yes. We went out last weekend with a crowd for his birthday, so I made the super easy yellow cake. True story, there is 8 oz of wine in the recipe, and wine is not something we keep in our house. I went for a run Saturday morning (and to pick up a race # for the next day) and walked back in the door with a bottle of wine. SB's response: what are you doing with that?

That cake was so much less fuss than the first cake. Observe: 

I won't bore you anymore, I made chocolate frosting, it didn't turn out right but it frosted better than planned, we celebrated at Red Bones, I had a few beers, then went home so I could race a 5 miler in the morning.

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