Sunday, March 8, 2009

Berry Berry Brunch

So in super planning, last night I mixed ALL of the dry ingredients for my 3 berry-licious breakfast goodies. Raspberry scones, cranberry muffins and sweet corn coffeecake. (Minus I was short on sugar so I had to go out and buy sugar and just in case more eggs this morning.) Last night I went on a search for frozen cranberries and ended up at Whole Foods where I bought 3 of the 4 bags of frozen cranberries they had - just in case someone else came around looking for frozen cranberries. But cranberry muffins are my favorite and the recipe I have is pretty good.

I also made raspberry scones, with an older recipe that uses all cream and no eggs. They were a little cakier than the other version but the cream makes them sweeter. I kind of had to undo and add more cream then re-form them, so they turned a little pink.

Anyway, here are the final products:

Scones, muffins, muffins...


They were all delicious, I think the cranberry muffins were my favorite (duh), but this cofeecake is super yummy.

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