Monday, March 2, 2009

Kick you when I'm down

So this girl learned the hard way that when it snows south of, oh.... Pennsylvania, people usually flip out, systems break down, buses can't run and there is no way you'll have class. Allow me to go back in time: Winter 2002/03

There was a major winter weather event going on in Williamsburg on Thursday night. This meant that all of my friends were going to drink. But man was I stubborn (what else is new?), I was sitting in my room working on my French homework and desperately trying to finish it so I could go out too. But everyone was adamant that we wouldn't have class the next day, even bad-ex from Chicago. Ok, fine. No class tomorrow, I'll go drink. GREAT IDEA.

(I just want to note, I really only missed 1 class ever because of drinking and then there was that one art class I showed up an hour late too. The rowing helped that considerably, though I may have gone to practice drunk once or twice...)

So we went and got s-faced in someone's room (hi, underage drinking), played various drinking games, etc. And it had been snowing for some time. But by the time we left, maybe it was 1am, and it had STOPPED SNOWING. The ground was covered in maybe 4-6 inches of white snowy stuff, about as much as we have today, and it was a little bit slippery. And I was drunk, in case you had forgotten. And it had stopped snowing. Key parts to the story right there, did I tell you I was from New England? Yeah. So if we had 6 inches of snow that stopped at 1am there would be school the next day without a doubt.

Have I mentioned I was drunk? And also with bad-ex, which means I was feeling angry. It was also his idea that I should come out and drink because we wouldn't have class. So clearly I got a little riled up. I may have raised my voice. I may have said "This is all your fault!" (Clearly it was ALL his fault since generally everything was at that time.) And I may have swung back my foot getting ready to deliver a swift kick to the shins. Has it not sunk in how drunk I was?

All of a sudden, there I was, in a parking lot covered in school-canceling snow, and LYING FLAT ON MY BACK because darn if that snow wasn't super slippery and clearly hadn't seen the likes of a plow.

Whoops. Needless to say, even though Obama makes fun of DC for the mass panic, I understand. I understand the severe lack of snow removing infrastructure. Also, it's probably pretty funny to laugh at drunk people who fall down in the snow. (Or who high jump into bushes covered with it. Just saying.)

Oh yeah, and needless to say, a year later when we had 2.5" of snow and ice we were out of class for 2.5 days. I was not surprised this time.

Outr street before things starting seriously sticking.

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