Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dharma Bete Noir in Photos

I had people over for brunch this morning. I baked a lot. In fact, due to time change and SB not feeling like going out, I kind of staying in last night and cooked. Here is the progression of 12 ounces of chocolate into Bete Noir.

First, 12 oz of chopped chocolate:

Sounds fantastic, now add 2 sticks of butter:

And combine with 5 beaten eggs:


Dust with confectioners sugar:

I didn't have a doily, so I tried to cut out a paper snowflake, but it looks a little like the Dharma symbol. Totally not intentional.
This was delicious. Super super rich (as you'd expect a flourless chocolate cake to be) and doesn't need anything beyond confectioners sugar. Whipped cream might be too rich, but a raspberry sauce could be tasty. Definitely a hit. Fairly easy to make so I'll be making this again.

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