Friday, March 29, 2013

More Somerville Brunching: Ball Square Cafe

This month, Boston Brunchers descended on the Ball Square neighborhood (yay! more Somerville!!) for brunch at Ball Square Cafe. The owner, Mike, made everyone feel incredibly welcome, plying us with shots of hot chocolate and plates of sweet delicious breakfast foods! (Remember how I have an eternal eggs vs sweet brunch debate, problem solved.)

I was pretty pleased with the self-serve coffee and drinks, which means that you'd never have to wait for someone to come by and refill your coffee cup while you look forlornly at your dregs.

We started off with a french toasts with caramelized bananas and a Belgian waffle with fresh fruits - and whipped cream. Mike also brought out two bowls of fresh fruit, which I was pretty delighted with: there was mango and kiwi and berries and bananas and pineapple and, yeah, probably some melon in there somewhere, but I hate melons and rarely order fresh fruit at restaurants because it's mostly cut melons and grapes and sad bananas. Womp. This was so not that!

Since my brunch decision was made for me, I ordered the Moroccan eggs, scrambled. When food started being served, there was a little panic about where to put things because we had so much food. My eggs were great, dressed with lots of spices (and lots of cumin) which made them smell fantastic, and with tomatoes, peppers and onions. They went very well with my side of grilled mashed potatoes. (Sidebar: grilled mashed potatoes? I could have more of this in my life.) Because we had more food than 10 bloggers could eat, the remaining 2/3 of my breakfast went home to my husband as his post-13 mile run lunch.

I'd also put Ball Square Cafe on my run-to-eat list. In DC, we did a lot of weekend morning group runs to brunch, and this is a little less fancy than my go-to Foundry, where I feel like maybe I should change out of running clothes, if not shower first.

Thanks to Mike at Ball Square Cafe, Boston Brunchers and Blog and Tweet Boston for getting everyone out to Somerville again. When you're in the neighborhood, check out Ball Square Fine Wines, Lyndell's and head down Willow to Q's Nuts.

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