Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Bit of a Rut

We've moved (!!!) and our kitchen is still a work in progress. We're not redoing anything, just trying to unpack. Unfortunately, we're going from a kitchen with tons of cabinet space, to one with next to none! And the cabinets we have, well, they're like cabinets for ants (ha, 2 jokes in one). That is, they're very small - so small that we can't fit our silverware trays in the kitchen and are keeping them in the cupboards in the pantry. So small that the holder I bought for foil and plastic wrap and parchment just barely fits inside the cupboard door. So small that dear god where am I going to fit the kitchenaid!

Two, we haven't even made it to the grocery store yet. I've dragged some pantry items over and popped into the store for cereal, granola bars, half and half and cheese, but we're overdo for a grocery trip.

With all that said, breakfast and lunch are quite the routine: crispix for breakfast, pb&j for lunch, an orange, a granola bar, what I'm at home popcorn???

And dinner has been an exercise in take out. My gosh. We would go out to dinner occasionally (well 1-2 a week, usually on the weekend) and would order take out rarely, but I haven't cooked a meal in two weeks! (Practically, there was a plain pasta and broccoli night when we got back from vacation.

One afternoon we had Indian (which doubled for lunch the next day), then we had pizza, then salad from Whole Foods, then sub-optimal Italian.... I've been CRAVING Thai for weeks and Yelp tells me there might be something good nearby. Then I have dinner plans for the next two nights, so I can only hope and pray that by Sunday we have a functional kitchen and we've been to the grocery store so I can spend some time cooking.

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