Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Flashback: November 2013

Oh November. Back when the days were warm(er) and you could actually see the ground! As a result of Thanksgiving, I did a lot of cooking and eating in November. I also finally got out of Albany and down to Brooklyn for work. 

Soft Pretzels! (Told you I loved them.)

This is Albany: 

This is Brooklyn: 

I made apple rosemary pies OBVIOUSLY.

We also ended up with three different homemade cranberry sauces at Thanksgiving. Mom made her traditional food processor cranberry orange (which I'm not keen on), but I knew she was making it, so I made my own sauce. Turned out, she also made a regular sauce.

Turns out we're all about 2 degrees of Kevin Bacon:

We finally made it into Renee's for breakfast:

And if you're a cat, I strongly advise against this:

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