Thursday, November 8, 2007

Boy Brownies

Why? Because boys love them.

I made these tonight for my friend Sean, who would probably rather have molasses cookies, but I didn't feel like getting cookie dough all over the tape that's taking care of my wrist. Not like he's really unlucky in getting a batch of brownies. Besides, I would have kept a lot of those molasses cookies for myself, they are the best!

Adapted from the King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion, the major change is that I include a little instant espresso powder, change a cup of sugar to brown sugar, and decrease the white sugar by just a little, also have been using "special dark" cocoa powder, so they're really triple chocolate brownies, sometimes have nuts too.


  1. Mmmm, you tease! I'll be in the office on Wednesday....any chance you'll get the urge to bake, say...Tuesday night?! Haha, j/k

  2. ooo what do you put in your molasses cookies?

  3. Sarah - I have some left over from tonight, so we'll see how it holds up.

    Meghan - molasses... But I'll get the recipe up this week.