Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cranberries and pumpkins and walnuts OH MY!

I got crafty tonight and made a few things which have a very very thanksgiving flavor.

1. Cranberry cake - this recipe was really unassuming, in fact, I almost didn't make it because the recipe just seemed off. For instance, there's no leavening. I'd make a few changes, but from here on, it's officially Cranberry mystery cake.For some reason all of the walnuts went to one corner...
This makes a good sticky sweet dessert. Could cut down on the sugar and add a little orange to accent the cranberries.
Does look mysterious, doesn't it?

2. Cranberry pumpkin bread
I'm saving my whole pumpkin for a very special pie this weekend (which might also include cranberries and walnuts), so I admit I used canned. And I don't like the results in pumpkin bread. (This would be try two at pumpkin bread with canned pumpkin, and it's not as moist and doesn't get the right flavor. Frustrating!)
Still pretty good though, the orange zest makes it nicer.

Tomorrow night might be brownies!

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